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None More Black: Islanders 3rd Jersey Unveiled

The promo on the New York Islanders site announcing their new third jerseys.
The promo on the New York Islanders site announcing their new third jerseys.

It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black."

>>late 20th century philosopher Nigel Tufnel

I have already whined enough about the thought of seeing the blue and orange New York Islanders all dressed in primarily black, the most overused yet color-neutral 3rd-jersey trick in the NHL. But like FoxTrax, the shootout, and 8-second music-bastardizing snippets of rock songs during every stoppage of play, this kind of thing is not aimed at people like me.

It's for a different kind of fan, the future fans and the open-minded fans and no doubt many who are reading this post. (It behooves me to note that the Ice Girls have also gone black. Enjoy.)

There's already a FanShot discussing the unveiling, but feel free to give it your pass/fail/indifferent here. There is at least blue and orange in there, and the numbers help -- but none of that stops my kicking and screaming like a child.

The schedule of black games, beginning Nov. 23:

New York Islanders 3rd Jersey Schedule

Debut: Nov. 23rd vs. Philadelphia Flyers (black on black!)
Nov. 25th vs. New Jersey Devils (black Friday!)
December 10th vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
December 23rd vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
January 12th vs. Philadelphia Flyers
January 21st vs. Carolina Hurricanes
February 4th vs. Buffalo Sabres
February 20th vs. Ottawa Senators
March 4th vs. New Jersey Devils
March 13th vs. Washington Capitals
March 31st vs. Boston Bruins
April 5th vs. Winnipeg Jets

As always, if they start winning more games than they lose, no one will mind one way or the other.

Except me, of course.