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Plus/Minus Thread: Avalanche 4, Islanders 3 (OT)

Holy cow that was the yin and yang of hockey emotions. Islanders start great, open a 3-0 lead ... then a joke of a call on Jay Pandolfo creates a 5-on-3 that allowed the Avalanche to get back in it with a late goal in the second period.

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The Islanders then played the foil for the Avs' third-period rally that forced OT. Certainly the Islanders did this to themselves. But to provide one final kick to the gut -- because it can never be just the team shooting itself, the refs just have to get in on the incompetence act too -- the refs miss J-S Giguere handling the puck outside the silly trapezoid and respond to a night of Avalanche running Al Montoya by ... calling Montoya for the weakest of retaliation calls in OT. You gotta be kidding.

4-on-3 powerplay goal wins it for the Avs. There was progress on several fronts. But by the end it sure didn't feel like it. Minuses and pluses, if you remember them from the first half, go here.

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