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A Mini-LHH User Game Guide: FIGs and Plus/Minus

Sorry, you left your FIG pick where now?
Sorry, you left your FIG pick where now?

Note: Do NOT leave your FIG picks in this thread. Repeat: DO NOT leave them in this thread. For the Islanders-Panthers opener, leave them in this FanShot here, according to the directions below.

One of the things that keeps me going is the commenting community here. But as it gets larger, it becomes a little tougher to manage. (I still neurotically try to read every comment.) So we're going to establish new routines for game days that are hopefully clearer for commenters, and make it easier for people to find the discussion they want.

Please read below for a quick guide to our FIG (First Islandes Goal) and +/- threads for the year:

Post-Game Plus/Minus Threads

Immediately after every game, we'll throw up a +/- thread. This is separate from the in-game thread (where the rapid fire chatting, goal reaction and tomfoolery happen). The authors here will post it up for you. This way your pros/cons and more analytical reactions to the game can be logged immediately, without getting buried in the game thread -- and without having to wait for an LHH author to put up the official recap.

As a bonus for the recap writer, we don't feel as pressured to get a thoughtful recap piece (like this one) up right away with all the bells and whistles (post-game video, highlights, links to the stats pages, etc.).

Also nice for the neurotic archivist in me: In case you didn't know, each game has its own event tag here, so all of the posts and FanPosts/FanShots related to that game (if they've been tagged appropriately) will show up on that game's page, like this one here.


FIGs (First Islanders Goal) Picks

We started doing this early last year, as a takeoff of the in-game bet with friends where everyone puts money down on the first Islanders goal scorer. It was fun, but it was also really hard to win. Since we wanted tie-breakers, you had to get the right scorer, with assists and closest to the time as the tiebreakers. But one winner per game probably isn't incentive enough to keep it fun. So after soliciting feedback last season, we're expanding it -- and hoping we don't crumble under the weight of the record-keeping.

Here's the new system, based on points:

  1. You will not get any points from a given game unless you pick the correct first Islanders goal scorer (2 points)
  2. If you pick the right assist(s), you get a point for each assist.
  3. If your stated time is closest to the real goal time (and you have the right scorer), you get a Bettman Bonus Point. While there can be multiple point-getters on any given night, only one person will collect for selecting the (almost) right time.

So we're turning Bettman up to 11: You can have a five-point night!

Format: Nielsen (Okposo, Grabner) 21:40  ---->that means 1:40 of the 2nd period

That's [Goalscorer (assist 1, assist 2) TIME]

For accounting purposes, PLEASE USE THE CORRECT PLAYER NAME (i.e. no nicknames). If you don't use the last name and spell it correctly, we might miss it because we'll be doing a text search to find winners.

Finally, to help keep the thread clean, please look for your player in the thread. If someone has already picked your player and you wish to also pick him, make your pick by replying to that person. That way all the Okposos stay together, all the Hamonics stay together, etc.

Sorry to put all these "rules" on everyone, but it really will make it easier both for users and for record-keepers. And if you see your fellow LHHer screwing it up, give them a hand or kindly point out the preferred method. They'll learn.

Have fun now. And remember, your FIG picks for the Panthers-Islanders opener go in this thread.