Notes from Oct. 28 Sound Tigers-Sharks Game

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers lost 3-2 in the last minute of OT last night, but they looked just as dangerous in OT as the baby Sharks.

Sharks were awful in the 1st period, allowing 3 or 4 breakaways and giving the puck up in their defensive zone multiple times. (Also have to give Tigers some credit for creating those chances.) Play evened out over the rest of the game, but the Tigers were definitely better at advancing the puck from their own zone.

Mikko Koskinen didn't look especially good, but he got the 3rd star, so he wasn't bad either. The other Sharkling goalie was very good. Made 3 or 4 big saves.

The best pairing for Tigers was Ty Wishart and Calvin de Haan last night. They looked very comfortable playing beside each other. They weren't pressured all that much, but perhaps a lot of that was due to their confident play early. Wishart scored on a nice wrist shot on a long rebound. Both looked very good.

Aaron Ness and Matt Donovan were paired together and they looked good too. Moreso Donovan, but Ness looked better as the game went on, so perhaps he had more left in the tank than many other players. Definitely not as solid as the 1st pairing, but still good.

(Wishart/deHaan played a very controlled and deliberate style while Donovan/Ness was more run-and-gun, as you might suspect.)

Dylan Reese was paired with Olesky. Reese made multiple mistakes and Olesky covered well for him. Towards the end of the game, I don't think Olesky was playing, so perhaps he was injured or maybe Tigers just went with 5 D-men.

No forwards stood out all that much. Captain Colliton had a solid game. Micheal Haley was okay. Tony Romano scored off of a PP rush (2-on-1?) with a hard wrist shot just under the cross bar. Dibo was good: drew a penalty after the whistle and later took a big hit that enabled a Tiger 2-on-1 and nearly a goal.

Haley and Casey Cizikas okay; David Ullstrom good, but not great. Trevor Frischmon speedy and good. Tim Wallace may have been the best forward tonight. Made some very nice plays. Does little things well.

The PK was good overall. The PP went like this: pass the puck around the perimeter until someone has a lane, then fake a shot, and repeat. And entries were awful.

Random notes: Wishart and Haley were the only players to warm up without helmets. Special offer over the loudspeaker at the start of the 3rd period: buy a beverage and get a free donut. Sharks had 2 or 3 very big defensemen. Their tallest is 6'7" Doherty. Overall Sharks were quite a bit bigger (older?) than Tigers.

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