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Islanders Bits: Many ways to describe a loss

Here on Oct. 21, the Penguins have played nine games while the Red Wings, Sharks and Devils have played four. So goes October in the funky NHL schedule, where some teams start in Europe and plenty fear football, both pro and semi-pro.

Saturday's Islanders opponent, the Panthers, have a tidy 3-3 record for six points, on the back of a 28.6% powerplay -- two successful 5-on-3's help -- while Florida continues to have the worst 5-on-5 GF/GA (0.36!) by a long shot.

This early stage is fun because of numbers like that, when there are so many moving parts, uncertainties and teams still figuring out who they are. I think we know who the Senators are, but still: Their GA/GP is 4.43! In five games the Islanders have secondary scoring and third-pair defense issues, but we could be discussing something entirely different by the end of the month. Meanwhile, Florida has 8 powerplay goals and just 4 even-strength goals. In October, that's the kind of ratio that can change in one night.

And if you needed that reminder, theScore discusses the myths and irrational thoughts of hot starts.


Islanders News and Links

Fun variety of headlines recapping last night's game:

Meanwhile, in Drama

Newsday offers both "Roloson not bothered by" [blog] and "Roloson ignores" [regular story] P.A. Parenteau's comment after the Isles chased Dwayne Roloson in the last game. Roloson took the high road. That latter link also has a small update on the chronicles of Blake Comeau, who was counseled by assistant coach and GM adviser Doug Weight. They have faith, he said.

Islesblogger assesses the Comeau issue.

Islanders Hockey Blog thinks last night's late blender work means more line changes are coming.

But before last night's game, Jack Capuano told the Post that would not happen.


On the More Fun Side of Things

And a Little Bit of NHL This and That

Finally, for iPhone users: The v. 1.1 of the SBN iPhone app is on its way. Expect an Android app by the end of the year.