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Islanders Bits: Comeau se dice 'scratch?'

If you missed it yesterday, Blake Comeau talked a bit about his healthy scratch, and Jack Capuano like Bartleby before him said he'd prefer not to.

It's funny: I don't want to say it's not notable to sit a 24-goal scorer for your 3-minute enforcer -- it sure is. But it also has the unlucky distinction of being the first non-Ryan Strome healthy scratch of the season.

It's normal to have three scratches every game (okay, two when you're carrying three goalies). But thanks to injuries the Islanders hadn't even faced that decision until Saturday night when Trevor Gillies came off IR.

No matter how this evolves, a lot of us have been saying competition is good. Gillies is not competition for Comeau, but a functional bottom six is. The third line, or the most-used bottom trio when Gillies is dressed, remains the mystery piece to the Islanders' puzzle. As we see more and more forward prospects push from below, this is going to get fun.

Islanders Links

Sure, P.A. Parenteau looks just fine working the telepathy with John Tavares and Matt Moulson -- but is it true first-line telepathy? {/disenchanted fan'd} ... also in that article is a refreshing take from Jack Capuano on Nino Niederreiter's return -- he's not skating yet -- and how it affects his lines: The answer is, it doesn't. Not now. "It's a long season, a lot can happen." So think day to day, because who knows what the situation will be next week.

Who are the greatest power forwards of all time? Barry Melrose asks himself. The real answer: 1. Clark Gillies 2. Clark Gillies with one arm tied behind his back. 3. Clark Gillies with both arms tied behind his back. 4. Clark Gillies with both arms tied, a hernia and a broken stick. 5. Clark Gillies driving Mike Ditka and da Bears in the Indy 500.

Like us yesterday, Lyle Richardson deduces the team scouts watching the Islanders and finds ... none of them need goalies except maybe eventually Columbus. So wouldn't worry about that "showcase Nabokov for trade?" report. Also in Richardson's column is a fun look at how Jay Feaster still has contract baggage in Calgary. Do not want.


If Loving Hockey is Wrong I Don't Want to be Right Links

OT: Can't remember if I've posted this here before, but it's one of my favorite underrated Monty Python skits. You might have to be an English soccer fan or philosophy dork to find it as tickling as I do, but it's good silliness for anyone: Germany vs. Greece - Philosopher's Football  "Beckenbauer obviously a bit of a surprise there."

Keep your head up and have fun out there.