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Islanders Bits: They're so cute at this age

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In Sunday's prospect update Mark went into the young Islanders defense prospects and their progress at Bridgeport so far. Yesterday those kids -- the whole team, really -- were victimized by the Upstate Mountain Range/Very Specific Chair Style/Vacation Spot Phantoms.

I confess to an almost sadistic interest in seeing talents like Aaron Ness, Calvin De Haan and Matt Donovan receive pro baptism by AHL fire.

With very rare and extraordinary exceptions, the AHL is where you learn and make healthy mistakes away from the accusatory glare of NHL fans' scapewagon. I'm good with that and welcome that. As Sound Tigers beat reporter Michael Fornabaio put it yesterday:

There’s been a lot of talk about the learning curve, the young defense, limiting turnovers, all that. Sometimes it has gone all right; sometimes it doesn’t work. It all comes back to another thing [coach Brent] Thompson has talked a lot about, consistency. It’s still to come.

They're there to learn, and many of the lessons are still to come. It's not really productive to worry about how the prospects do in their early days in the AHL; it's more important how they do when they get regular reps at the NHL. The former leads to the latter.

Before we get to the rest of the links, this is unofficial but reasonably puts Bridgeport among the lower spenders in the AHL.


Mid-Day Update: Blake Comeau Sits, and that's between Him and Capuano

From ESPN's Katie Strang: Jack Capuano doesn't want to talk about why Blake Comeau is scratched. Be it goalies or scratches, he doesn't want to discuss it.


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Tavares On-Ice Post-Game

In case you didn't see it, from MSG. Thought the part about confidence with the lead (versus "the last couple of years") was interesting:

I would stop going on and on about Tavares' last two games, but ... well they don't play again until Thursday and frankly the last two games were pretty cool.