Plus/Minus 10/14/11 3-6 BPT LOSS@ADR

I thought I'd chronicle my streaming SoundTiger Experience. Here is my AHL version of the standard PLUS/MINUS.


- (TV) Single camera action. First 10 minutes was silent. No graphics (time, score, penalties, goal announcements or any stats at all) Basic closed circuit feed. The chat box on the side of the screen was the best feature. Interactive chat during the game. HockeyFlan is big BPT fan and said he loves LHH. I hope to see him(?) posting soon. He(?) was really helpful with my Tiger questions.

- (GOALTENDING) Nilsson… as good as a 5 GA on 25 shots performance can be. Too many PP, too little (both in quality and quantity) defense and just played too little for such a big man. I have no doubts that as this team improves he will shine.

- (Special Teams) Not good on either side. At least the PP scored a few. PP 2/7 this isn’t bad production, but the PP did not look that good. I thought I’d see better play from the points. Ness made a couple of good passes, and Cizikas was engaged… other than that… not much.

PK 3/6 Horrible. They let in a few quickies too. When the phantoms didn’t score they dominated.

- (The scape wagon) Reese is even bad in the AHL. Langkow is the Nate Thompson of the SoundTigers.

Reese contributed to some sloppy play throughout the game. Langkow is a bring-a-long from Coach Thompson’s ECHL days with Anchorage (I was told). He didn’t look good at this level, like Nate didn’t with the Islanders… maybe they’ll trade him to Norfolk where he can find himself.


+ Cizikas. Probably the best player on the ice for the Sound Tigers. He did look a little sloppy at times, but that’s why he’s with the Tigers. Casey is going to be a good bottom six center in the NHL.

+ Dibenedetto… engaged the whole game. Drew a few penalties… instigated, and was around the net. Dibo-Cizikas-Backman was the best line tonight… Dibo-Cizikas-Rakhshani will be dominant.

- Rhett looks like he’ll be out for 6 weeks (that from a chat box fan who follows the team)

+ Braden Schenn is not going to be in the AHL for long. He DOMINATES at this level. But Philly is doing what needs to be done. Schenn could be dropped into a bottom six role on the Flyers tomorrow, but they are giving him top six, all situation minutes in the A. This is where we need to be.

- Tom Sestito made them look like little girls. He was hitting everything and playing a solid game by somebody who will get a cup of coffee with the big club soon. He HAMMERED deHaan twice. That has two negatives attached to it. deHaan is at the Hillen hit avoidance level… maybe worse, and…

- Michael Haley was INVISIBLE. I paid $6.99 to see Dibo (showed up) Ullstrom(showed up for 2 periods) the defensemen(I’ll get to them later) and Haley. Either Thompson has brought that Gordon "this game is too important" sensibility or Haley is just frustrated with his situation. Either is not good.

- THE DEFENSE. I rally over-estimated the D this early in their pro careers. Besides Ness and deHaan, who played sloppy at times but rather well when they were "on", the defense was smallish, timid and were getting beaten up in front of their own net. Lot’s of scrums where Nilsson was getting buried. The full group was dehaan-ness, Donovan-reese, olson-wishart. I’m actually going to let olson slide here because it didn’t seem like he had a lot of ice time, but when he was out there he was moving the puck and playing sound defenseively. The other five were not good in their own end, and over-aggressive in the offensive end. This will not be like this after a month or so…. Or Thompson is going to get replaced by Dean Chynoweth. That is the future of the Islanders in BPT right now, and if that D doesn’t get better and tougher they’ll need the type of coaching the previous generation had in Jack Capuano. I trust Thompson will do the job… it’s early.

+ The overall experience. The technical problems at the beginning mirrored those of the Islander streaming pre-season, but the overall value was good. For $6.99 you’ll get to see the future of the team and chat up fans of both the Tigers and their competition. It’s not how I would normally chose to spend a Friday night, but I will probably do this again. Hopefully some of you will join me.

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