So we're two games in with a split so far. I know everyone here is hoping for a fast start, or if not a fast start, steady play that avoids any sort of streakswhichweshallnotname.

October should be a particularly telling month though. There were only three games of the easier variety, and we've already lost one of those. Remaining on the docket:

10/13 TB

10/15 NYR

10/20 @TB

10/22 @FLA

10/25 PIT

10/27 @PIT

10/29 SJ

So seven games left, six of which should be tough contests. We are fortunate to catch four of those six at home. Additionally, San Jose comes to the Coliseum for the fifth game of a rough six game road trip, and the night after playing in Detroit. So while there is a good chance we're looking at a backup goalie there (although I don't have a handle on who their goalies are this year), we might also be looking at a team desperate to salvage a trip in the only game they might consider easier.

So two questions-what record would you be happy with for the month of October (include the first two games), and what do you really think we end up with?

I'd be happy with 6-3 in what shapes up to be a tough month. With all of the home games I'm setting the bar a touch higher (made more difficult by losing the opener), but I think they can earn splits with TB and the Pens, take the Rags on a Saturday night, get revenge in FLA, and beat up a beat up SJ. Hopefully this wouldn't include any OT wins vs division teams.

Realistically, after we've played so flat the first two games I'm resigning myself to 4-5 losing both to TB and crapping out vs SJ.


Apparently you can only add one poll per post, so you'll have to leave your realistic predictions in the comments.

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