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Islanders @ Oilers [game thread]

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Nyi-stickstripe_medium Edm-mid_medium
Islanders of Yore (12-19-6) @ Oilers of Yesteryear (12-19-7)
9 p.m. EST | [
not gloriously unsponsored] Coliseum | MSG+, audio - WRHU 88.7
Not as happy with the GM:
Copper & Blue

Islanders Gameday: Life without...Frans?!
Canada in (Hockey) Crisis...but Garth's Rebuild Keeps Chugging Along

Complete Coverage >

No Frans. {sniff...knees buckle...collapses into nearby furniture} Think of the Danish children! Meanwhile, Nathan Lawson starts -- and while he has a nice Northern European look to him, he's from Alberta.

I am actually not going to catch any of this live -- a rec hockey game beckons. If you didn't get your FIG pick in during the preview, put it in the first FIG comment tree here.