Islanders Claimed Evgeni Nabokov, so he took his puck and went home

UPDATE: TSN's sources say Nabokov won't report. UPDATE 2: As far as Garth Snow is concerned, Nabokov is an Islander. Told Katie Strang "he wants to hear back from Nabokov personally before making any more comments; has left voice mail and made tentative flight plans for him." Feel Free to Discuss what this means for either Rick DiPietro or Kevin Poulin. I think this is all about making sure you develop Kevin Poulin the right way and not throwing him to the wolves. Obviously Nathan Lawson didn't help himself even before he got hurt and we haven't heard yet how long he is out for. Of course there's the possibility that DP is hurt worse then they've been letting on. But that possibility will exist for the rest of his career.