Open Letters to Dwayne Roloson

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Islander Fans, join me in saluting/sending off a man who is the real deal; a man whose dedication and respect for the franchise warmed our hearts. A man whose interviews gave us a reason to stay tuned after the W's and L's were doled out. A man whose goaltending was always solid, and often stellar. It is my hope that whatever small outpouring we can organize here might find its way to back to Dwayne and let him know how much he was appreciated in his short time here.

Dear Dwayne,

When you arrived on the Isles' roster, I had never heard of you. Now I'll always remember your name.

You were consistently the best player on our team for a season and change. Last season, you stole games with some truly thrilling feats of athleticism and gave a downtrodden Islander fan reasons to cheer during what would have otherwise been a season marked by growing pains and unsatisfying performances. This season, you helped a lost team find it's way back onto the path. I can only hope they don't lose their way again, because I'm not sure if anyone can lead them back like you did.

I'd like to also thank you personally for reminding me that age really is just a number. I know you're tired of backhanded "he's great for an old guy" praise, but you are great. I'm sure you'd look at me and think I'm just a kid, but there are often times I wonder if I've waited too long to pursue the things that matter to me. I'm able to look at you and feel that maybe it's never too late at all.

Thanks for all the inspiration and all the W's.

- A Fan

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