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Islanders-Bruins Rookie Game Thread: Let's play two

Programming update: Have a pre-preseason preview due up tomorrow, thanks to scheduling demands of, which is running previews of all 30 teams over the next two weeks. Then I'll have a post listing the final report card results for all of last year's full-time Islanders, as voted on by Lighthouse Hockey readers over the summer. I'd rather have those two in the opposite order -- I guess I'd rather not to a season preview this early at all -- but oh well. There will be content. But for now:

Bos-portrait_medium             Nyi-oldzoom_medium
7 p.m. | [
Fleet/TD/this/that] Garden | Bruins @ SBN: Cup of Chowdah
Live stream link: Bruins feed

With Mikko Koskinen working last night, Kevin Poulin gets the nod tonight. Will there be more fights? Lingering bad blood? Will Baby Bruins think Justin DiBenedetto deserves some sort of punishment for the ambiguous foul of last night?

Just like last night, this will serve as the in-game discussion thread for anyone watching, and for those who missed it, a way to catch up on in-the-moment impressions from the peanut gallery. I know we'll have a few readers in attendance tonight at the Garden, too.

Links: If you missed it, Nino talks scoring and fighting at the official site.  |  Chris Botta ran a mini camp primer here.  |  Hockey Crazy has its interview with Calvin de Haan from earlier this week.