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Islanders-Bruins Rookie Game Thread: Hockey!

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"...And when there was no meat, we ate fowl; and when there was no fowl, we ate crawdad; and when there was no crawdad to be found, we ate sand." --You ate what?! -- "We ate sand."  ~ Raising Arizona

Summer for a hockey fan feels like that. When there was no hockey, there was the draft. And when there was no draft, there was free agency. And when there was no free agency, there was suffering through the Kovalchuk marathon twiddling of thumbs, waiting for hockey to return. In Coen Bros. terms, we ate sand.

Tonight, it's not the real deal -- it's not even the real pre-real deal -- but it's hockey, with some players we know or hope to soon know, so we'll take it. Hockey's back! It sure beats sand.

Bos-oldhub_medium            Nyi-4stick_medium
7 p.m. [Usury-type activity] Garden: | Islanders TV

Those are your online streams. This is your Rookie Game live game thread. If you're watching, chime in. (Uh-oh. Just realized I need two monitors.)

Elsewhere: NESN says the Isles and Bruins are limiting fighting (though not by much) tonight and tomorrow. ... the Post headline writers say the Islanders are targeting playoffs -- not that there is a single quote in the story saying such. [Note: It's since been pointed out to me that there were, in fact, such quotes in the earlier version and in the photo caption that ran with the story. So foul on me for being too glib.]