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Bits: Today's lesson: Don't be late, Kirill

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Who'd discipline a face like this?
Who'd discipline a face like this?

I was on one last outdoorsy off-the-grid trip from Friday through Monday night, so it was a bummer to log back on and learn Kirill Kabanov's first act as a pro was to show up late and be held off the ice as punishment.

But I couldn't help getting a hearty laugh from Scott Gordon playing the role of chiding father, as reported by Newsday [$5 please]: "When asked if he was disappointed by Kabanov's behavior, Gordon said, "Not as disappointed as he's going to be."

Nice. Glad they dealt with him swiftly. Hopefully he doesn't need more strikes. Since I'm still catching up and loafing on the job was topic du jour, how about some links, in case there's anything you've missed? More stuff later, but for now:

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