2010-2011 Player stat projections

Just thought I would do some examining of what I think players should do points wise this season. I’d list minimum, maximum, and most likely for each player that has a no question starting spot imo for an 82gm season. No +/- because that’s a bit more complicated to guess. Here you go:


Bailey-Still very young and showed that he had good potential last year:

Mini-35pts/15goals Likely-40-45pts/20goals Max-55pts/25 goals

My guess: 48pts/22goals season

Comeau-Showed great potential at the end of last year:

Mini-38pts/17goals Likely-45pts/20goals Max-55pts/25goals

My guess:50pts/22goals

Hunter-Injuries on and off and inconsistentcy:

Mini-35pts/16goals Likely-40pts/18goals Max-52pts/25goals

My Guess:40pts/18goals

Konopka-Enforcer 4th liner:

Mini-5pts/Xgoals Likely-8-10pts/Xgoals Max-20pts/xgoals

My guess:10pts/xgoals while doing his job

Moulson-1 season wonder so far that needs to prove himself:

Mini-20goals/35-40pts Likely-25goals/45pts Max-35goals/60pts

My guess:50pts/27goals

Nielsen-Career year last year and is showing his potential:

Mini-35pts/12goals Likely-40pts/15goals Max-50pts/20goals

My guess:40pts/15goals

Okposo-high potential but overworked and has missed some chances:

Mini-50pts/20goals Likely-57pts/23goals Max-70pts/32goals

My guess:60pts/26goals

Schremp-showed a big upside last year, starting with JB + KO can help him a lot:

Mini-40pts/10goals Likely-45pts/12goals Max-60pts/20goals

My guess:48pts/14goals

Tavares-Mr.Franchise showed a ton of upside while struggling last year:

Mini-60pts/25goals Likely-65pts/30goals Max-75pts/38goals

My guess:65pts/32goals

Possibly(if given 82gms):

Pareantu: if given the time/job:

3rd line minutes: Mini-25pts/10goals Likely-30pts/12goals Max-38pts/15goals

My Guess-32pts/14goals

4th line minutes: Mini-15pts/5goals Likely-18pts/8goals Max-22pts/10goals

My guess-18pts/8goals

Matt Martin/Joensuu-Wild Cards and unknown minutes so I’m not guessing.

Nino-If given the 3rd-2nd line minutes out of camp and the job:

My guess: 25-32pts/10-15goals


Eaton-Top 4 defensive/shutdown man and is reliable in the role:

My guess:10-20pts, 15pts most likely

Hillen-Top 4 potential, offensive defenseman and plays close to it:

My guess: 20-30pts, low-mid 20’s pt wise most likely

MacDonald-Top 4 shutdown potential and will play like it:

My guess:12-25pts, ~15pts most likely

Martinek-Old top 4 shutdown d-man that probably want make half a season but plays smart and well:

My guess(if healthy):10-20pts, most likely 15pts

Streit-Top 2 d-men, solid 2-way, great offensive capabilities and he keeps on rolling in his role:

My guess: 50-65pts, mid 50’s most likely

Wisniewski-Wild card with top 2 potential and a ton of upside, I say he plays like a 2/3 d-man and puts up great offensive numbers:

My guess: 25-45pts, most likely 35pts~ but I wouldn’t be surprised if he got 40+

Jurcina-If given the starting job over one of the above d-men, unknown full potential:

My guess: 5-20pts, most likely ~12pts. But if he works with the system and plays with passion, he has the tools to be a 20pt d-man and the size to be a solid shutdown d-man. He needs more passion and better decision making though.


Rollie-plays well with a better d ahead of him, similar to last year:

Projected: .910 save percentage and wins a decent amount of more games then he loses.

Lawson-Solid backup that should be ok in the nhl, imo he is better then people project him as being. Should be a good backup and is very smart with great positioning.

Projected: .90X save percentage and should be around .500 in the win/loss column.

DP-Not even going there

Team goes say: 39-33-10 88pts and either barely makes the playoffs or barely misses the playoffs. 8th-10th spot projection.

What are your thoughts on the individual player’s projected stats for this year and what they will do this year?

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