Where's the love for Comeau

I'll admit that before the 2009-2010 season I thought very little of the guy as a real threat to score in the near future. He finished in the top 5 on the Isles in scoring while only playing 75% on the games this season. Before this year I didn't really see much out of him considering his career high in goals was 8 and had never played more than 50 games. I think we all saw that when he was put with Tavares we saw what he could really do. In his last 18 games he put up 11 goals 9 assists and 20 points along with being a plus 8. He has good size and weight with his 6' 1" 205 lbs frame and he can be physical on the forecheck and in the corners. I think he and Tavares can be the LI version on Stamkos and Downie, all we need is a nickname like the Stammer and the Hammer for those two. I'm not a big supporter of not making depth chart lines but lines in which they have the best chemistry and they produce. In those same games for Tavares he was a 7 13 and 20. I think with Tavares, Comeau can put up 25 goals or more. I would be surprised if they stay together for a long length of time and personally I think if Nino makes the team he should be Tavares's other wing with MM. JT will love Nino and his size, skill set, and drive and those two can be the first real dynamic duo on the Island since Trots and Bossy but saying that about a 17 and 19 year old might be stretching it.

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