Drop and Give Me Three

I usually try to avoid the realm of speculation, but I am curious as to what everybody thinks might be the top storylines of 2010-11. All Islander related topic are open, but to give this Jell-o some form, let's try to keep it to:


Mine after the jump...

POS: The "second" line of Moulson, Schremp and Parenteau explode early to become the Islanders most affective combination. They give the opposition headaches with their creative abilities and cramp other team's styles with their relentless forecheck... leading to bloody spectacular results. The young forwards have been referred to as the PMS line.

NEG: The DiPietro Era comes to an end before it ever really began. Ricky plays 8 games this year. In his final game January he makes what seems like a routine save, tears some tissue and effectively ends his career. Rick will then head to the MSG studios to work as a post game commentator. The former puck moving goaltender then gives Hollywood a shot. After an appearance on Entourage as the guy in the cast at the ski lodge, he impressed the HBO execs so much they cast him as the guy in traction in the heartwarming mini-series Heart of Sequins: The Johnny Weir Story. His most notable role is that of the Black Night in the remake of Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

SUR: Wang, his family and the Shinnecock Nation make headlines [Wangs and 'Cocks Tangle, Then Smoke The Peace Pipe]. After battling over Nassau County land to develop the Lighthouse Project vs The Shinnecock Resort and Casino the two parties have moved their destinations to Elmont. (Somebody else brought this up on LHH, but I like it, and have morphed my own 2007 prediction to add the resort and casino bonus) The reults will be a new hotel, casino and 18K seat sports/concert arena in the south parking lot of Belmont Racetrack. The racetrack will also be modernized to be used in all weather, thus making Aqueduct obsolete. The property formerly used for the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum will be turned into NY's largest chicken farm. Former Senator Hillary Clinton has reached a deal with Tyson foods to bring the Arkansas based poultry corporation to NY. Kate Murray has crossed party lines to join in this venture. She will head a group of Nassau Community College professors and students in a project to turn the chicken excerement into a renewable energy source. She hopes that this will be her legacy on Long Island... THE CHICKEN SHIT TOWN SUPERVISOR.

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