The Lighthouse Hockey User Map

Editor's Note: WebBard posted this initially on August 29, 2010, and got a ton of responses. But several of us thought with the season starting again and some winter regulars returning from hibernation, it's time to bump it up. If you never put your location in comments, you know what to do.

Hey guys, I've long been wanting to do this and now feels like a good time. It's always interesting to see how spread across North America (and Europe, for at least BenHasa) Islander fans and visitors here are. I'm putting together a google map of  LHH users. I got started on it with Dom, David and Me because I know the general area we all live in.


Lighthouse Hockey User Map

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In the comments just list the biggest city (and country if it's not the US or Canada) closest to you and I'll add you and your icon to the map. To make things easier, just go with wherever you happen to be now. Hope you guys have some fun with this.

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