The Islanders Mount Puckmore/Suckmore

For those that follow Puck Daddy over at Yahoo, Wysh has been getting together "Mount Puckmore" consisting of the four faces of each team. B.D. Gallof was chosen to create the Islanders Mount Puckmore and I think he did a pretty good job. To read the Islanders Puckmore just click here. Now he did pick two people who definitely have to be on the Islanders Puckmore, Al Arbour and Bill Torrey.

Player wise he choose Denis Potvin (arguing that Ranger fans still chant Potvin Sucks!) and what I believe was an obvious shot at Wysh of Puck Daddy in picking Bossy. Not only did he name Bossy (who if I remember correctly, Wysh tends to bash as undeserving for the Hall of Fame) but he also took a shot at Alexander Ovechkin.

Now a few other sites have decided to run with a parody of Mount Puckmore by the name of Mount Suckmore. To see some examples check out Battle Of California or Jewels from the Crown Mt Suckmores. After the jump, I'll list my picks for Suckmore, and feel free in the comments to add your choices and comments on the original Puckmore.

#1 With a Bullet: Mike Milbury. This goes without saying. It's almost to the point that he should basically be all four faces on the Mount Suckmore.

#2 Pickett/Spano/Mickelstein: Between the Con Artist, the absentee owners that let Milbury run wild and the cheapskate owners who made the Islanders a laughing stock.

#3 Kirk Muller: It's forgotten how much of a crybaby he was, how a beloved player who was going to have a long productive career was traded for him, and definitely helped the Islanders on their path to laughingstock.

#4 Robert Nilsson: It's nothing against his talent, or his possible future with the NHL. It has everything to do that he wasn't the son of a former Islander who was picked two picks later. There was no reason to pass over the chance to bring in an Islanders legacy.

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