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Bits: Trottier reassigned(?), mini-camp continues

<em>"Who here knows how to say 'overspeed' in Russian?"</em>
"Who here knows how to say 'overspeed' in Russian?"

So much going on for an early July day and so much being discussed here [Jankowski here; mini-camp here; silly Nabokov here; Kirill Kabanov here; and the agents' praise for Snow here]. That can only call for a links dump:

  • Chris Botta breaks that Bryan Trottier's role as exec. director of Player Development is over, though he's staying HOPING to stay in the organization. [IPB]
  • Nino, on being picked by the Isles: "I'm in a great situation." ... "I can go back to Portland for a year or I could be here, which would be fantastic. They have great coaches here and I can learn a lot."[Newsday, sub.] Thankfully, the official site carried more of Nino -- and for $5 less!
  • On Jankowski: Katie Strang's sources tell her he was "blind-sided" by the move, that Snow will take on more responsibility, and that it was not a cost-cutting move. No one's going to speak on the record on that, but that's hardly a one-sided platter of info. [Newsday, sub.] Botta on the same, as it broke yesterday.
  • Third-rounder Jason Clark, in camp this week, is excited and was expecting to be a 5th-rounder. [Eden Prairie News]
  • John Tavares reiterates that playing in the NHL at 18 was hard, and Doug Weight was a huge mentor. [NYI]
  • Botta posts the video of yesterday's Kirill & Kirill interview. 7th Woman also had her take on the Kirills.
  • NEW: Botta also posts video of a good interview with Travis Hamonic.
  • Meanwhile, for fun: Poor RudyKelly at Battle of California's life has been ruined by the whole Ilya drama. Which is okay though, because RudyKelly's "friends" say he doesn't have much of a life to begin with. Meanwhile Quisp, who has been all over this in a totally different obsessive way, examines the Devils cap if the Post is to believed (which it usually isn't).

Thought for the day: Have you been reassigned yet today? If not, what are you waiting for?