Wisniewski from the Ducks: Stockpiling D-men?

Islanders acquire Wisniewski...

Caught this on my feed when I was about to head out the door and immediately did a double take. It's an interesting pickup for all sorts of are the ones that jump to the top of my mind:

- This is our third D-man acquisition of the offseason, following the signings of Eaton and Jurcina.

- He's on a one-year going into an RFA year, with a cap-hit of 2.8mil - moving us much closer to the salary floor. Capgeek has us at $38.98 million with 22 signed - Weight still doesn't have a contract on the books, of course. (Breakdown: 13 forwards counting Weight, 9 dmen, and Rolly and DiPi.) Wisniewski's 2.8mil leaves roughly 2mil for Weight before we hit the floor.

- This means we're not shopping for another goalie, Snow and Gordon must be feeling very comfortable with what we currently have in the system behind Rolly and DiPietro...assuming for the moment that DiPi is ready to go.

- It also looks like they're trying to address the Isles injury curses with dmen...considering that one of those 13 forwards is Gillies.

- Which leads into the consideration that Snow and Gordon feel good about the offensive guys coming up from Bridgeport when people inevitably lose a few games to injury. (Knock on wood that it's only a few here and there!)

- Sad thought: FMIV looks not to be back, with this move.

Here's his SBN profile: James Wisniewski

Based on his numbers, the SBN scouting info, and our current roster, he looks like he'll be 3rd pair and get some PP minutes on a point - thoughts?

On a side note, this is my first fanpost - let me know if I missed anything which should have been included, suggestions you might have, etc.


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