According to ESPN:

Here's a bit of a surprise: The New York Islanders are interested in Alexei Yashin, his agent tells Yahoo Sports' Dmitry Chesnokov.

Yashin hasn't played in the NHL since the 2006-07 season. Instead, he's played in Russia where he tallied 64 points in 56 games for SKA St. Petersburg, the same team that sign Evgeni Nabokov and the team that is bidding for Ilya Kovalchuk.

Yashin is 36, so he has a bit of gas left in the tank. And his agent says, if he comes back, Yashin will talk to the Isles first. This might indicate that he could end up elsewhere.

In his last season in the NHL, with the Isles, Yashin tallied 50 points in 58 games.

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