Poll: Which mini-camp prospects will make the 2010/11 Islanders?

Editor's note: This was the planned Sunday topic, but Judgegavel beat us to it with this FanPost. With the scrimmage and mini-camp complete (expect more coverage of that scrimmage at the SBN NY hub), let the napkin-sketching and debate continue...

Okay, with the Orange and Blue game today, and after we've taken a look at some of the prospects in mini camp (minus DeHaan). I wanted everyones thoughts on who is most likely to make the team this year. I included a ton of options in the poll, anyone you think I might have left out I didn't include please let me know and I will add. I also didn't include AMac, Kohn, or Reese even though they all may technically still be rookies (at least Kohn and Reese are), and are almost a lock to be spending a portion of the season with the big club.

I happen to think we are going to have at least three rookies, maybe four, make it out of camp (two forwards, two defense).

My three most probable are Nino, JJ, and Hamonic, the fourth being another defenseman not sure who yet (probably one of Katic or Klementyev, if Kohn and Reese get shown up or Hamonic doesn't make it). But as to who was the most likely out of Nino, JJ, and Hamonic I had a hard time deciding.

JJ, has done his time at Brigeport and is almost a perfect fit to replace Bergy, but we also signed a number of 3rd and 4th line forwards to compete, and we cant rule out Matt Martin, so lots of competition there.

Nino, has all the scouts saying he's ready for the NHL, has the size we so desperately need, we have a real need for another top six with star potential. But, he will have just turned 18, it will mean figuring who to bump from Schremp, Comeau, or even Bailey off the first two lines.

Hamonic, he is the biggest need of the three, but could be the least ready, was last year the true Hamonic, or was it a 19 year old that grew into his body, and allowed him to easily dominate smaller 17/18 yo. Doesn't he really need a year at bridgeport?

So after all that debate, my final choice is........

Nino, he has the biggest upside, he goes back to juniors if not, if all the scouts are right and he's NHL ready, he will be with the club 2010-2011 no doubt.

So what are your thoughts, and why?

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