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The LHH Love/Hate Survey Results

Gloriously Unsponsored and loved by you!
Gloriously Unsponsored and loved by you!

Some of you probably remember not too long ago I posted a poll looking for the 5 NHL teams you love and hate. Originally the plan was to post the results the following weekend, but that was the draft. Last weekend we had Kovy-mania. So now that everything's calmed down a bit it's time to get to the results. It should come as no surprise that 91% of you voted for the Islanders at #1. Only two other teams received top billing, the Devils and the Blues (I allowed Dom to have 2 top votes, cause he's special). The Islanders also got 40% of all possible points and had 6 times as many points as the second place finisher.

When it came to teams we hated, well the obvious choice won by a landslide. 72% of you voted for the Rangers as your #1 disliked team. They managed a total of 61 points of a possible 196 for 31% of all possible points. They had more total points then the next two teams combined, which is surprising because according to the comments you guys really really hated the 2nd and 3rd place finishers. Full results after the jump.



The Blackhawks were surprisingly our second choice team by a good amount. I guess it helps winning the cup and beating the Flyers.They were followed by the Devils and the Sabres who tied for third. We appear to be somewhat conflicted when it comes to the Devils as they finished as our 4th most disliked team. Going through the comments to dig up the responses, it seems like most people naturally hate the Rangers, but truly despise the Flyers and Maple Leafs. My favorite comment wished that the earth would open up and swallow both teams while they were playing.

Although our likes were all over the place (and a good amount of love for displaced franchises), the top 5 hated teams combined for 141 of 196 points or 72% of all points. Also, when we dislike teams, we really dislike them. Not a single person voted for the Rangers or the Leafs, and I was the only person to admit to liking the Flyers. Also between the two lists, not a single NHL team wasn't represented. The only team to move in the last 20 years and not be mentioned was the North Stars, which is probably due to Minnesota getting a franchise back.

I'm also trying google documents for the first time, if it works for everyone I might try using it more often. If anyone has any issues with it let me know. Also a few people mentioned doing the same survey but with players. I'll try to get that up next weekend as long as nothing crazy is going on.