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Who's in your booth? Our annual Islanders announcer post

This is a topic I don't touch on often, but one that's fun to banter about because it involves such subjective tastes: What's your ideal Islanders announcing lineup?

Since we haven't heard for certain whether well regarded Islanders color man Billy Jaffe will be back next year, we can play fantasy broadcaster. (To be clear, I'm not forecasting anything, and I have no insider knowledge about it. This is just discussion fodder. The last bit I've seen on the topic was Chris Botta's Q&A post saying Jaffe wants to stay in the area and predicting MSG is likely to finalize a new contract with him.)

That said ... what if Jaffe is wowed by a big offer or expanded role from, say Versus or NHL Network? Or what if MSG "does the Micheletti" and opts to retain the talented Jaffe but reassign him away from Islanders broadcasts? Then what's your preference?

Such changes have happened before with Joe Micheletti and Deb Kaufman/Placey (who returned to the Isles side the next season). And the Islanders and their fans are clearly priority #3 (or #4, including the Sabres?) among the hockey broadcast properties of MSG.

Part of me still wonders if the Isles would try to do something to bring Denis Potvin into the fold after he was let go by the Panthers a year ago. The other part of me figures MSG doesn't even invest in reliable distribution for the Islanders when they're on that backwater "audio optional" MSG+2 -- so why would they invest in a big name for the Isles like Potvin?

As I've said before, I really liked Micheletti (I knew his work early in his career, and I think his style has gotten weaker since he started doing the Rangers), but Jaffe's growth made me grateful for that change. Meanwhile, Denis Potvin is fun in interviews, but some don't like his color style, and in any case I think it's dangerous when an outspoken franchise legend becomes a main broadcast voice: If fans don't like him, it can actually soil their memories and nostalgia for the guy's playing career.

Honestly, I hope (and mostly assume) this is moot. But whenever there's no announcement from the big cats, the mice will wonder aloud. And I always get a kick out of people's announcer tales, so have at it: In a perfect world, who's your Islanders TV team?

Also, if there are other team announcers you love or hate, go ahead and weigh in. For example, I can't stomach Versus/Capitals play-by-play man Joe Beninati's call, and I fear it's a completely subjective dislike based on his gravel voice. Likewise Jim Hughson of the Canucks and HNIC (and some EA video game years), though I know many who like him. And the famous, beloved, well regarded Doc Emrick? Too much hysterics and verb-before-subject construction ("Passing it is Zajac, spiking it over the line is Parise...") for my liking. See? Subjective game, this. That, or I'm a bastard who can't be pleased.