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Link stew from the lazy blogger

Three nights camping in the outdoors and all I could think about was Frans Nielsen.
Three nights camping in the outdoors and all I could think about was Frans Nielsen.

Apologies for the long quiet weekend on my end -- but if you are RSS-ing or mobile-accessing the site, you may have missed some fun FanPosts and on-going conversation such as WebBard's bit (and poll) on the best post-1979 Islanders draft class, and BC's latest musing (and poll) about the draft strategies Garth Snow might be considering.

It was a long excellent weekend for me because I got a chance to canoe and camp in the woods. Typically I'll have something posted during those summer escapes (like Friday's Freddy Meyer post), but sometimes you run out of time and you still haven't packed your cooler. Hey, a blogger's gotta retreat. I am working on a plan so that the front page never goes un-changed for long -- even in the event of my capture by a rogue cheetah. So thanks for everyone's patience on that front.

Anyway, a few bits and a tease:

SB Nation New York has launched: You probably know by now that SB Nation, which is Lighthouse Hockey's host, has several good blogs about New York teams. Well now they've launched a New York hub that streams content and commentary about all the New York-area teams. That means you have to put up with Rangers talk and [insert your despised second teams of choice], but you're used to that. I'd encourage you to check it out while, of course, still returning here for your Islanders I.V. If you care about the reasons, here's a Times write-up on SBN's regional hub plan.

Coliseum Experience: Stadium Journey, a site that assembles reviews of sports venues around the country, picked longtime Islanders stat man Eric Hornick to do the Coliseum, and I think he did a good, fair job. Something I try to tell longtime fans is that yes, the Coli sucks for many amenity and access ways; however, the "old barn" atmosphere and low-ceiling-aided noise is something that almost certainly will not be replicated in a new facility. I'm curious: Of the other NHL venues you've been to, which one would you most like a new Islanders venue to resemble?

Scouting the Enemy: Is it just me, or are you disappointed every time it sounds like Glen Sather might be learning?

Spezza Drama: Every time Jason Spezza is ripped by fans or the subject of trade rumors, I'm reminded of how you never know with the draft. It will be interesting when retirement age is upon them, whether (a shot at) Spezza or Chara was the bigger chip to give up in the Yashin trade. Or, you know, maybe Bill Muckalt.

Finally, I'm working on a sweet Isles legend interview for the end of this week -- which is good, because Islanders news sure is light at the moment. But activity here will resume as usual.