What's the Best Islanders Draft Class? Poll Added.

Considering my previous FP on the Worst Islanders Draft Class was popular, I thought why not see what the Best Islanders draft class is. For those that need a quick reference, here is a list of all Islanders picks. We're keeping choices from 1979 (The first Entry Draft) to today. Considering the last poll was almost won by a dark horse (Hans' argument for the inclusion of 2003) and that it's a lot tougher to judge the better parts of a draft class, I wanted everyone's opinion on who should be in the poll before I post it. Recommend a single class, or four, it's your choice. Sometime over the weekend I'll add the poll for the most popular choices.

My personal choices are:

1980: Sutter, Hrudley and Gilbert
1983: Lafontaine and Diduck
1993: Bertuzzi, McCabe, Salo and Van Impe
1996: Dumont and Chara

Close Runners Up
1986: Fitzgerald, Vaske, Pilon and Berg
1991: Lachance, Palffy, McLennan
1997: Luongo and Brewer
1999: Conolly, Payatt and Martinek

I think you can't ignore LaFontaine's year because he is in the HoF. Sutter, Hrudley and Gilbert had long careers. 93 Probably has the most long term players. 96 I just think Chara has a shot at the HoF and Dumont is considered the best 1st rounder to come out of that class.

Thoughts, arguments, I'm an idiot? I'm willing to hear it all. I tried to stay away from the 2000s drafts, just because the early ones were awful and the rest it's still too soon.

So going by the comments I went with the original four and 2008. By popular demand, I'm going to follow this up with a best Draft Class Pre 79. Then the top two vote getters of this poll and that poll will face off.

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