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John Tavares: My right foot

File this news under, "If it were December I'd kick a Rangers fan, but since it's June I'm going to the beach."

John Tavares' stress fracture in his right foot means ... well, it means he gets 2-4 weeks in a boot in June. Not much beyond that. It's not really even serious* enough to add meat to Gary Bettman's well-founded complaints about the IIHF's sense of entitlement about NHLers in the World Championships (which is where Tavares' foot was broken, while blocking a shot).

*Conservative doctor: "Every fracture is serious!"

>>Superhero doctor: "We can fix everything and make it better than before!"

It's a bummer, but since he apparently didn't even discover it until yesterday, I'm not going to get my hockey socks in a bunch. If anything, I'll open up the nebulous book of karma and infer that maybe the Islanders are lucky: He got one of his "bad-luck" injuries out of the way during the offseason!