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Revisiting Anders Nilsson, in the words of Anders Kallur

Yesterday Hans und Franz brought up the numerous reports [translation, complete with expression of "pooh"] that Anders Nilsson -- the second Nordic giant goalie the Islanders drafted in 2009 -- had received an entry-level offer from the Islanders. If he turns it down (he has until the 15th according to the NHL Swedish transfer agreement), the Isles still have a year to get him signed. If he takes the plunge, it's still possible for him to play this year in his home country.

Michael Fornabaio brought up the possibility that these reports are just the "Bona Fide Offer" mandated in the CBA to keep a draftees rights for a second post-draft year. But based on those Swedish articles, I'm still wondering if it's more than that formality, while also wondering if the fall-back plan would still be to keep him in Sweden for 2010-11. (Under the transfer agreement, guys who are under 22 and picked beyond the first round can be returned to Sweden if they don't make the team.)

Regardless, the offer reaffirms how Nilsson is in the Islanders plans down the road, so it's a good excuse to recall Islanders Cup-winning alum and longtime European scout Anders Kallur's description of Nilsson at last year's draft:

After the jump, for the fun of it is another classic Kallur video from before he had gray hair. Remember (or learn) that Kallur was hurt for the 1980 Cup run, so in 1981 he is visibly thrilled to have played a role in the postseason:

Wild how he looks so different, yet so much the same. And cool how he feels for fellow Swede and fellow first European Cup winner Stefan Persson having to sit out.

OT Query: Clark Gillies wearing a #24 in that interview? That Gord Lane's sweater? What was up there?