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New York Islanders Draft Day [open thread]

Party on, Garth.
Party on, Garth.

Here we are. Headed into the draft, the unlabeled chips in Garth Snow's arsenal number 10 -- the second-highest total of any team drafting this weekend. (Carolina leads with 11, including three 2nds.) What do you think the chances are of him finishing the weekend having drafted 10 more players?

Seems like the opportunity to package-and-trade for a move up somewhere is there. Feel free to guess who goes where, or which picks will still be in Islanders hands by the end of tomorrow:

Round Pick Player?
1 5 Nino Niederreiter
Brock Nelson
2 58 Traded with 35th
3 65 Krill Kabanov
3 82 Jason Clark
4 95 Traded for 2011 3rd
5 125  Tony DeHart
6 155 Traded with 160 for 2011 5th
6 160 Traded with 155 for 2011 5th
7 185 Cody Rosen


Programming: You can follow along at the Islanders official site, at, and through the traditional means (the funny box in your living room) like so:

  • Friday, Round 1: 7 p.m. EDT, Versus/TSN/RDS
  • Saturday, Rounds 2-7: 1 p.m. EDT, NHL Network

Consider this thread wide open. If you have cool links, hear legit things or simply theorize with the voices in your head, feel free to share (whether draft-related or related to your favorite pastry recipe). Just let us know where it came from.

Go Garth, go.