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A Survey on Hockey Love and Hate

So a few weeks ago Battle Of California ran this survey. Just to give credit where credit is due, I saw this post over at  Nucks Misconduct first. It made me curious as to what the responses would be on here. Unless there's some Alvin Green dark horse candidate,  the Islanders should be local favorites. On the other side of the coin, the Rangers will probably be our most disliked team with the Flyers close behind. You never know until you asked the question though.

So add a comment to this post and include 3-5 teams you love and 3-5 teams you hate. Next weekend I'm going to tally them up (Three for First, Two For Second and One for the rest) to see who are the most popular and unpopular teams of Lighthouse readers. Feel free to add your own comments and reasoning. For an example, here's my list

My Top Five Likes

1. Islanders (obviously)
2. Canucks (Luongo and the 94 Cup Finals)
3. Senators (We gave them enough Islanders to get them to the finals)
4. Avalanche (I hate the Wings and loved Roy)
5. Flyers (I live in Philly, and don't have Center Ice)

My Top Five Hates

1. Rangers (obviously)
2. Penguins (hate Crosby, 93 was my first season watching the Isles)
3. Capitals (Dale Hunter and Ovechkin)
4. Red Wings (Just because they have always been so good)
5. Devils (I still say Brodeur is over rated)

Also, feel free to visit the threads over at Battle Of California and Nucks Misconduct for some fun and interesting reading.