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Bits: Silly Streit Anaheim rumor; reactions to Weight, fun with paywall sources

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Links and Sundry:

Nothing to add in coverage of Doug Weight's imminent one-year extension (though discussion continues here), other than to marvel at how Newsday's paywall alters how their original report is shared by outlets across the continent:

The Post's Web report pretends is the source of the news, which was technically broke by USA Today if you count words from the agent before Strang got a quote from Snow. ESPN, as it so often does on its TV "Bottom Line," confirms someone else's story and packages it as its own. (Hey, they did get a text out of Weight, though that didn't make Pierre LeBrun's free agency story; while we're there, that story says Ray Whitney may be pricing himself out of Carolina.)

Interestingly, ESPN did cite Newsday -- without a link -- for the Queens denial this week, while also citing FanHouse -- with a link -- for the original scoop. TSN, meanwhile, cited Newsday for the Weight story -- but Puck Daddy cites Newsday yet links to TSN, because of course national Puck Daddy readers just get a paywall at the Dolan publication.

As a rule, I try to spare you my media gazing, but this was a concise example of the merry-go-round. And I get a good chuckle to watch publications pretend other pubs don't exist. In Newsday's paywall case, they're practically asking other pubs to do so (though the Post may merely be competitive/petty).

Anyway: Generally I couldn't care less about the credit game. Except for exclusive interviews/sources, news is news to me; published sources multiply quickly. But I figure I owe you to do my best to tell you where I saw information ... and get this, I'll even provide a link! So I just ask that with FanShots here or grand statements in comments, you do the same: Provide the source name/link whenever possible.