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Bits: So it's Flyers-Blackhawks (Yay.); Absurd draft coverage

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First, will you be watching the Stanley Cup final, which begins Saturday night? (I will, I always do, and it has the chance of being a decent series.) Second, who will you root for against? As a lifelong follower of the Isles and Blues, both finalists evils for me; they both have players I can't stand.

But a weird thing happened to me last night: I former Islander Arron Asham and former Blue saw Ian Laperriere high five, and I pictured them hoisting the Cup, and I smiled. Laperriere has a very brief Ranger stench (only 28 games though!), but I always enjoyed him and advocated the Islanders signing him last summer. (Wasn't happening, I knew. A guy puts his life on the line like Lappy does, he needs to make sure it's for a contender.) All apologies to Mr. Sopel, but no one on the Hawks grabs me that way. On the other hand ... Pronger ... and the Flyers. Ugh. That's a stench in itself.

How I yearn for two months ago, when the Islanders were beating the Flyers and their fans were ready to have them shot. Now they're in the finals. You Bible scholars can surely tell me how this is one of the signs of the apocalypse, no? Oh well, some links brought to you by a horseman or two. Hold your excitement, as the Tim Jackman report card will be up later.

Word of the Day: "Procedural requirements."