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Bits: No Nets-Islanders; Streit's 112 games; Flood looks back; Hamonic's Wheaties fall

Sorry for the sparse and link-heavy posting of late. Been under the weather, feel like a hundred dollars. I'll have a brief slightly unconventional look at John Tavares and the Calder race later today. (I know he's not a finalist, but...)

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"Why is the only Swiss superstar, defenceman Mark Streit, tired, despite not having played one single playoff game in two seasons?"

... Gee, I don't know -- maybe because Streit has played 112 games in every possible tournament for Switzerland since 1995, including this year's Olympics and an injury in last year's WC, while logging the most minutes for the Islanders two years running? Just a thought.

Hockey federations are great, but they're also self-interested: They exist to make the country's hockey program look good, not as some altruistic mission to shepherd young souls to hockey stardom (by the way, do they do something special for the many who do not become millionaires?). The entity every hockey player owes his career to is the mother or father who took him to a thousand practices at 4:45 a.m.

I'm gonna go nuke my sinuses now.