Who do we take at #5 if Fowler and Grudbranson are gone?

I think the title pretty much says it all. Latest mock drafts I've seen have us taking Gormley at 5, and I have to say that is my least favorite option. As you all may know from my posts I really think we need a top six forward over defense. That being said I understand Fowler and Grudbranson are special players, ones we really shouldn't pass on if there, even if we need a forward more. I really think Gormley is a step down from those two, and doesn't give us a prospect any better than Hamonic or DeHaan. I'm not entirely sold on Connolly considering the injury issues. My pick is definitely Nino here, I think he may be a very special player who has the potential to be as good if not better than Hall or Seguine, he simply dominated at the juniors, we've just only seen it for one season. What are your thoughts?

El Nino

Brandon Gormley

Brett Connolly

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