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Bits: Ole ole, baby

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I can't really stomach any of the four remaining teams winning the Cup, so June will bring me pain: The semis include three teams I don't like plus Dan(n)y Heatley. I cannot win. But one wonderful thing about the Flyers winning the first two games? Their fans singing the "Ole" song that Canadiens fans have adopted in recent years.

It's great because: 1) The lyrics are elementary enough that Flyers fans can actually remember -- perhaps even spell -- them; and 2) It's a famous serenade that has been in soccer for decades, yet I keep running across Habs fans who think it is theirs and theirs alone -- ones who even get offended when someone else sings "their" song ... which happens to be about soccer. Such is the risk when you don't have a song particular to your team: It might be one multiple teams use, it might get thrown back in your face (particularly if your traveling fans make a habit of singing it in other people's faces on the road) ... you might even be stuck listening to "Rock and Roll, Part II."

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