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Bits: Conference Finals Sunday, Flyers/Habs poll

A Flyers-Canadiens poll, and completely random little collection of links as the NHL Conference Finals kick off on a big Sunday:

Larry Brooks says Charles Wang should reassure fans that he won't move the team out of the New York area. I'm a fan of publicly stating your intentions, but I've long inferred that Wang wouldn't own the team anywhere else. I'm not worried about a move, because that would mean all else had failed.

The Sharks know the Blackhawks (3 p.m. NBC/TSN/RDS) and reacquaint this afternoon: Lots of great local SJ coverage at the Mercury News on their approach, on Doug Wilson, and more. Ken Hitchcock goes into the tactics with both teams at [SBN fan coverage at Fear the Fin | Second Street Hockey ... also check out Hockee Night]

Bruins mourning: Denis Potvin never brings up the last time it happened to his friend Pierre Larouche.

Meanwhile, there's that whole Flyers-Canadiens series kicking off, too. I don't know what to make of it. Halak, Halak, how long for Halak's miracles? I don't know how Philly will respond after the hype of the last few days, though I bet Peter Laviolette has them in the right mental space, given what they've done. I tend to think Halak might cool off and the Flyers' size might be an advantage ... but I haven't known what to predict in the East this spring, so why should I start now? I just hope it goes seven; I don't want either team to win. {sigh} [SBN coverage at Broadstreet Hockey | Habs Eyes on the Prize]

Anyway, here's our poll (I'll vote Flyers in 7, though the home teams are choking in 7 so far)...