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Bits: No Volek needed for fallen champs, relegation-fighting U.S.

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In the end, the Habs didn't need a David Volek to do a lesser 1993 to the Penguins: A "little" Gionta and Cammalleri goes a long way. (And to be clear, that 1993 Penguins team was in a realm that puts today's Pens to shame.)

Wilpon/Queens/Wang Fallout, Day 2: Everybody milks second-day stories: Isles fans "wouldn't mind" Queens [Post | Newsday]  Still Drivin' says hey, it beats K.C. (but that was never a real option). With every outlet beating down his door to go beyond the Newsday "exclusive," Wilpon released an official statement restating the same, and Mayor Bloomberg says he can dig it. [Post | Newsday | Heh, Bloomberg] Chris Botta was on radio about it all for Toronto's 590. ... Not to be outdone by Winnipeg, Quebec City does its, "Hey, we lost a team too" routine.

Update: The Times re-iterates a move to Queens doesn't invade the Rangers' territory. (see BC's Fanshot)

Thanks to everyone for the discussion of this topic in the other thread. Good stuff, everybody.

World Woes: John Tavares scored but Canada lost to Switzerland for the first time in 25 tries, and Steven Stamkos was hurt ... Worse, Scott Gordon's U.S. team of misfits lost again, meaning they are off to the relegation round. Do they lack speed for the big ice? ... The Danes lost to host Germany and Frans Nielsen took a hooking penalty, leading Michael Fornabaio to wonder if that makes him a bigger criminal in international play.

Ratings: Are the NHL playoffs awesome? Viewers, and Nielsen, and Versus/NHL PR says very much so.

Oh, did you say playoffs? So Hal Gill defeats his old team, and Crosby goes home. The fabled Igloo is no more. [Remorse at Pensburgh | Intolerable happiness at Eyes on the Prize | Down Goes Brown is dying inside] That game had the perfect start for the Habs, and the Penguins never recovered. Bummer that Jacques Martin could get two Game 7s done for the Habs but never for the Senators. And what of ol' captain Billy "McNulty" Guerin -- is this it for him? Penguins columnists are bringing the knives out for Guerin, Fleury and others.

Philly wins again, and suddenly I'm rooting for the Bruins in Game 7, because I don't want the Flyers to usurp glorious 1975. What about you?

Today is the first day without any playoff hockey in quite a while. As we move on, it begins. The NHL season really is dying just as it approaches its apex. {sigh}