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Links: Gettin' drafty in here; Isles prospect playoffs; Comeau's foot

Now now son, this is no time to be lying down on the job.
Now now son, this is no time to be lying down on the job.

I notice we have some new members lately. A tip for lurkers who like to surf the conversation/comments area: When you "join" the site, even if you don't like to comment you've created a profile where the system "knows" which comments you've seen or haven't seen [the Z button is your friend]. So when you return to the site as a member and not as a guest, it will show you where new comments or new posts are. (Also, if you like any other SBN sites -- for hockey or any other sport -- WHAT other sports?! -- in your drop-down menu at the top it will tell you which of those favorite sites have new material.

That's my periodic site tools P.S.A. Nothing in it for me (other than more people to potentially talk hockey with), but I thought I'd share since when I finally created an SBN login myself, I realized what I'd been missing.

And now: An afternoon potpourri!

Other coverage of last night's game: Robert thinks Jacques Martin was outcoached [EOTB] | Botta's AOL piece had Martin's thoughts | MSM Montreal coverage was not kind to the Habs, nor should it be. | Naturally, a longtime Habs writer would like to see Biron wear the CH. | Isn't it cute when the Post gives the Isles more than two paragraphs? | UPDATE: Blake Comeau's exam revealed a broken foot, out for the final three games.

Begun, the Draft Hype Has: The final CSS draft prospect ranking has some interesting movement. Fowler down to 5. Connolly up to 3. On-going discussion in BC's FanPost here.

Farm and Beyond:

Not Only, But Also: The Isles get the Penguins twice in the final four days. Are the Pens only able to beat weaker teams? | A cool Q&A with Justin Bourne at Die by the Blade, with Bourne's usual wit (DBD: What inspired you to make the switch from playing hockey to writing about it? Bourne: Well, I got my face busted.) and some insight into his time with the Islanders organization. | If you didn't see WebBard's highlight compilation for the 2009-10 season, I added it as a FanShot with the embedded video.