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History will be Mourned

I made my case that the NHL's "History Will Be Made" campaign deserves a Bobby Nystrom entry, for all the significance that grew out of that moment in 1980. (Not holding my breath, of course.)

But it's nice to see some Islanders entries trickling into the growing collection of parodies of this made-for-viral campaign. Here are three so far. Nice work, Isles fans. if you've seen more, or made more, leave a link in comments.

First, two clips you may have seen on Puck Daddy -- one glorious, one painful but funny (gotta see the punchline):


The Inevitable Mad Mike Question

Really needs no introduction...


Finally, a different (Penguins-slanted?) spin on the 1993 upset. Not what if Dave Volek missed, but ... well, you can watch and remember a gruesome incident from the 1st period:

For context, here's full video of that sequence. Of course, asking what if Stevens were available for the rest of Game 7 is like asking what if Pierre Turgeon were available for, well, the entire series.

Say, speaking of which: What if Dale D-bag Hunter hadn't been such a sore ... nah. Can't go there. Still hurts.

On that note, it's funny: For every team's Nystrom event, there are a 100 of these woulda-shoulda-couldas. That's the nature of only one team surviving all the way to the Cup lifting. Fans of just about any franchise could make these for hours.

So any other Islanders candidates that come to mind, obvious or obscure? "What if Tucker and Roberts Weren't Dirty?" is an obvious but painful one. What if Bossy's Back Held Up? is one I ask from time to time.