Lighthouse Stanley Cup Pool - Standings Updated Rd2

Okay Guys, I think we have almost all the regulars. From this point on (4/21) If you want in, I'd recommend coming back before the start of the 2nd round

I did a pool back for the Olympic Tourney and everyone had fun, especially when they looked back on their picks. So I'm willing to give it another try for the Stanley Cup. Predict the tourney in the comments section. Every 1st Round Series picked right is worth 1 point, 2nd Round series 2 points, Conference Finals are worth 3 and Stanley Cup is worth 4. All that matters is you pick who goes on to the next round. I'm going to let anyone jump in till the first round is done. You can also predict round by round, but I'm going to deduct points depending on the round. So here's my predictions

Standings After 2 Rounds

WB = 8
BBB = 7
Nova Scotia = 7
Ilopan = 7
Billymac23 = 6
BenHasna = 6
FightOff = 6

Rhinos = 5
Dom = 5
Rickfan =5
Andrew = 3

Congrats to BenHasna, Champ of the First Round. All Correct Winners picked in the 2nd round are worth two points. All that matters are the winners, so if for example you have the Devils and Penguins making it to the Conference Finals, if the Pens still make it you get two points.

Okay, now that the 2nd round is done, here's the standings. If your in Bold, it means every team you picked to advance is out. If your in Italics then you picked the Hawks and they are still alive. Every win in the 2nd round was worth 2 points Conference finals are worth 3 and the Stanley cup winner is worth 4. We can actually predict the winner already. If the Hawks are eliminated, I would win. If the Hawks win, then it comes down to BringBackBobby and Novia Scotia Isles Fan. If the Hawks win the Cup, Bobby Wins and if not then they finished tied.

2nd Rounders

These are people who started or made 2nd round picks. Same as the previous pool. Each round is worth an extra point.

Ricksfan = 2
ATL Jim = 2
Ilopan = 2


East QF

Caps Over Canadians
Flyers Over Devils
Sabres Over Bruins
Pens Over Sens

East SF

Flyers Over Caps
Sabres Over Pens

East F

Sabres Over Flyers

West QF

Avs Over Sharks
Blackhawks Over Preds
Canucks Over Kings
Coyotes Over Wings

West SF

Blackhawks Over Avs
Canucks Over Coyotes

West F

Canucks Over Blackhawks

Stanley Cup

Sabres Over Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals Subtitled "Bettman's Nightmare"

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