Anyone up for a 2010 Draft Gathering?

During the final game thread of the season, WebBard brought up the idea of a Lighthouse gathering for the draft, whether it is a bunch of us getting together at the draft party at the NVMC or gathering at a bar either on Long Island or in NYC. I know I'm beating Webbie a bit to the punch here (Sorry man, I really don't mean to steal your thunder), but no job substituting today means I have more time than I know what to do with on my hands. So basically this is to determine whether we should and where a gathering will take place.

So first off, we wanted to get Dom involved but unfortunately it looks like he will be in Mexico (right?) at the time of the draft. This means we cannot buy him the drinks we all owe him for his tireless and great work he does here. Also my challenge of making sure he doesn't leave the gathering upright will have to wait. Oh well, maybe some other time.

Second off as many of you know I will be leaving the NY-Metro area to go to school in St. Paul, Minnesota the beginning of July so I would really like the opportunity to be around Isles fans before going off to the Wilderness for 3 years of Seminary, a year of internship and 2 years where ever in the country I get sent to.

There seemed to be a good amount of interest during the game thread, and I figure we can use this fanpost as a way to organize and coordinate what is happening. So the NHL Draft will be on June 25th, a Friday night. The Isles have not announced anything official about their draft party yet, but with the season over and the Lotto tomorrow night an announcement shouldn't be too far behind.

My personal thoughts on what we should do - I would like to go to a bar in NYC rather than go to NVMC. It's just easier for me being in Westchester to get into the City than it is to go out to the ToH. I know several people if they are coming are not based on Long Island as well, so finding a place in the City might be best in terms of transportation for people. If there are people that are underage that would be interested in coming, maybe we can figure something out like an ESPN Zone or a Buffalo Wild Wings that they would be able to get into, but personally I would like to avoid those Times-Squarish midtown places.

So bottom line is we have a little over 2 months to organize something, and the good thing about the fanpost is I can continue editing it to update the information and we can discuss what we want to do in the comments. I really hope we can figure something out!

P.S. - I really shouldn't do this, but if anyone wants to correspond with me about the gathering not in the comments thread but via e-mail you can contact me at david[dot]w[dot]hanssen[at]gmail[dot]com


UPDATE: I will be unable to attend any gathering as I received Mets for that night as a birthday present from my sister. I will still be willing to somewhat organize the event, but if someone would be willing to take over that would be much appreciated.

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