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Let's Talk about Islanders Awards

Quick and dirty: Last year, back when Mirtle ran From the Rink and before he was sentenced to watch the Maple Leafs day in and day out, the SBN hockey blog managers pooled our team nominees for the major end-of-season awards. Here were my submissions for 2008-09, along with the rationale and some extra "bonus" awards.

We're doing a variation of this again for 2009-10. I like the 30-team look because it's a quick snapshot of what at least one theoretically informed fan thinks is worth watching on their team. Often the nominees are obvious, but sometimes you stumble upon a gem you didn't know (for example, a non-Isles-fan last season might have discovered why Frans Nielsen is worth watching way before it became cool).

But this is where you come in: I'm not taking a direct poll (creating the options for each one would be a logistical pain), but I do want to hear your Islanders nominees for Calder, Selke, Hart, Norris, Vezina -- and any other award (real or fictional) that you want to put forth. Some of the team nominees will be pretty obvious (Vezina), but some not.

Both sincere and humorous (Who is this season's Yashin Memorial Scapegoat recipient?) responses are encouraged. For the serious ones, make a case if it's an unconventional pick (MacDonald for Calder?). I'll submit my nominees in a couple of days, potentially influenced by the responses here.

For lurkers, this is a good chance to jump in and alter the conversation. For everyone, just have fun with it.