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Islanders-Flyers on Versus [game thread]

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Nyi-n_medium Phi-hub_medium
New York Islanders (26-31-8, 28th) at Philadelphia Flyers (34-26-4, 6th/E)
The [
it's like a bank or something] Center
7:30 p.m. on VERSUS [
a.k.a. "All Flyers-Pens, all the time"], radio
Opposition broads:
Broad Street Hockey

Islanders Gameday: Fun with foil in Philly

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My entrails like details / Left and forgotten
My saddle like a battle / Lost in the past
When they said skidattle / I came home fast

Came home alive
But not entirely well --
Most folks couldn’t tell...

>>The Hoagland Conspiracy, "Home Alive"

The Islanders have five regulation wins in 2010. Every one except the Jan. 6 squeaker in Denver has come on home ice. The Flyers aren't kind, the road isn't kind -- hell, NHL hockey games have not been kind to the Islanders lately.

Here's hoping they come home alive.