What I want to see in the last month of 09-10

I am a little disappointed that the Isles have fallen off and will more than likely miss the playoffs(dropping to 14th in the standings). That said I am happy we had some success this year. I am very happy with Roloson. I think Bailey has improved abd hope to see similar from JT next season. I am overall happy with JT, it is tough that he hasn't scored in 20 games, but atthe start of the season I would have been happy knowing he could put in 15+ goals.

Now, what I hope to see in the last 17 games:

John Taveras scoring a couple of goals. I think it is very important he has a positive last few games in order to come back next season confident. I fear that if he ends the season at 17 goals it may mess with his head. I would like to see him break 20 goals

Matt Moulson- Lets see him put in #25, if he gets hot could we see 30?

Kyle Okposo- hope he can break 50 points, and that could start with a goal. Last time he went without a goal for awhile, when he finally tallied a score he had a great couple of weeks after.

Josh Bailey and Rob Schremp- I think they have both been the bright spots of the season. I see them constantly making plays, so I just want to see more of the same, and hopefully luck is on their side and they tally a few scores.

Frans Nielsen- I just want to see his name consistently on the score sheet. He seems so talented but doesn't have the numbers, except in the shootout.

Trent Hunter- He came back strong from his early season injury, and since has done very little. Maybe he can do the same when he gets back in the lineup. He needs to be a lot more consistent next season

Jon Sim- he has been scrappy all season long, he can score on occasion but maybe Matt Martin can take his role, or take Tim Jackman's role. We need Martin's energy im the lineup, I thought he brought a lot to the games before the break. Tim isn't the player we need when he can't be physical.

Blake Comeau- well he has been hot, can he do more of the same, he has proven that he can play. Lets hope it is more consistent. I hope he is back from the hit and scoring a few more times. maybe he needs some PP time.

Richard Park- I would like to see him get less TOI. I would like to see some other guys get PK time, just to find guys who can play next season. Park is good at the PK, but now is the time to experiment and find the next generation of PK. what can it hurt, we are what 78%.

Doug Weight- I like this guy, but he has very poor numbers. I would find it hard to warrant him coming back. 1/16/17 just doesn't cut it. I like his locker room presence though so if he can put a few points up at the end of this season, and we resign him, that isn't the worst thing.
Bergy- I have lost my confidence in him, I would rather he was a scratch and Tamby got the TOI. tamby has 7g/6a/13points in 27 games, Bergy 5g/8a/13points in 47 games. Both feature some speed, and tamby is much better in a shootout.

Mark Streit- he has been the most consistent D we have, and even after playing during the olympics he seems to be strong. I hope he can put a few PP goals in here to end the season, break 45 points.

Bruno Gervais- how about a + the last part of the season,

Freddy Meyer- shoot more, some PP time on point, he seems to have a better shot than previously shown

Jack Hillen- just stay healthy, he hasnt been the same since the shot to the face, but he is playing decent. He was playing very good before hand, and as long as we get him back healthy next season he is a good player

Dustin Kohn- just log some TOI, give him different tests, PK, PP 4 on 4, lets see what he can learn for next season

Andy MacDonald- I think we have to wait until next season to see him again, just get healthy.

Dylan Reese- also just log some TOI, shoot some, lets see that offensive you have.

PP- we are better since the break, keep it up

PK do something, how about 85% the rest of the way

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