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NHL Trade Deadline thread: At what price, Roloson?

Mid-day Update: As of noon EST there's been no movement on the Islanders front. But multiple reports claim mild interest in Sean Bergenheim, Richard Park, and Martin Biron. Don't expect any bombshells -- the currency of the day has increasingly gone toward later and later draft picks -- but stay tuned. Meanwhile, we're having fun trading bits and quips in comments.

It's the most nerve-wracking calorie-compiling B.S.-spewing exciting non-gameday of the year!

Yesterday was a perfect microcosm of the compressed insanity of the NHL Trade Deadline. Start the day wondering if Andy Sutton will be around for the game. By mid-day you learn he's gone. The afternoon and evening take on the chaos of rampant Dwayne Roloson rumors -- from on his way out to "Wait. But he's in net. Like now." to an outstanding Roloson performance in front of one of the teams that could use a goalie upgrade.

Online, Roloson has been everywhere from Philadelphia to Chicago as part of the Cristobal Huet TARP Bailout 2010. Yet as the evening closed, while one HNIC commentator was speculating about how big a player Garth Snow could be on March 3, Chris Botta was closing shop from the Coliseum shortly after Garth Snow did, reporting: No offers for Roloson have exceeded a 3rd-round pick.

This post serves as our general trade deadline thread, open all day. Any new Islanders moves will warrant their own separate post, but you can consider this the place for general commentary and adding league news and rumors. Comment on last night's game in the recap. Comment on the Sutton trade in that post. In the meantime, what's your minimum price for Roloson?

I found reactions to the Sutton-for-a-2nd to be surprisingly mixed. But I think it's safe to say almost everyone agrees a 3rd for Roloson is a non-starter. The goalie market is flooded, but I need a real asset to part with a reasonably compensated known quantity like Roloson for the mixture of free agents and prospects that will float to the surface this summer.

There will be day-long indexes all over the place, but a few you might like are at the site, including an "insider" Twitter feed gatherer and this running update feed -- as well as this helpful trade deadline FAQ. Finally, for updated reactions and analysis from other teams' fans and writers here at SBN, follow along at our central NHL Trade Deadline hub:

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P.S. If you were one of the ones disappointed about the renting of Sutton, well, just be glad your not an Oilers fan. In the name of Tambellini...