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Playing in traffic: Searching for Bruno and Nino

This is an age-old blogging trick -- most recently, I was reminded of it by David at Mile High Hockey -- but here is a bit of off-topic fun that regulars might appreciate. (And by "regulars," I don't mean only the active commenters. Now is as good a time as any for you lurkers to jump in with your own quips.)

The following are recent search engine queries that have led poor lost souls to this poor lost place called Lighthouse Hockey:

do Islanders have pick in 2010 Draft

Um ... yeah, a few. Draft picks are kind of important. I'm guessing your next query was, "when did mike milbury leave the islanders?"

Bridgeport chat line

Oh, dear. Buddy, if you're lonely in that way, this isn't that kind of place. On the other hand, if you're willing to part with $2.99 a minute...I'm all ears.


What's wrong with the Nassau Coliseum ice

Wait, what? Bad hops fit for a Dominican infield and elite skaters blowing two tires per shift is a sign of bad ice?! I'm offended...

Okay, touche. But the Internets are not big enough to answer this question. Sorry.



It's possible you wanted this guy, scorer of last night's game-winning goal and recipient of the Honda Islanders Injury of the Game. But I'm betting you were looking for something more like this:


Or this:


I blame Hans und Franz and the game threads.


pat lafontaine

Now we're talking! Hardly the best place, but still a fun place, for a little on what #16 has been up to.


And finally, our last interesting search query for this episode:

about nino niederreiter

Nino-who? I've never heard of him.