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Islanders-Canucks [game thread]

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New York Islanders (28-32-9, 13th/E) at Vancouver Canucks (43-23-3, 3rd/W)
10 p.m. EDT | [Canada Hockey/Car] Place | MSG+, radio
Where logos change like underwear (yuk yuk): Nucks Misconduct
Islanders Gameday: Here be late games

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It's a bit early, but here's tonight's game thread. Kyle Okposo is out with the proverbial Tank for Ta/ylo/er "upper body injury." Dwayne Roloson is in. Jeff Tambellini too. Yesterday they did some curling, and Blake Comeau led the team who hustled the uninitiated. So reports Newsday's Katie Strang on all the above.

Also: Some dumb column by some button-pusher became bulletin board material, but I can't be too arsed with it: The Canucks are good and probably know how important every game is, and the Islanders are young and know not to give up. Maybe it'll be a good game.

Other items: ISS now rates Tyler Seguin as #1, and Tyler at mc79hockey had the best-reasoned response I've seen to the Caps-fan-led outrage and misdirection on the Ovechkin suspension.

Throw the NHL's discipline and Cooke's weaselly escape aside for a minute ('cause we know that's a separate topic for rage), and I'm frankly disgusted by the contingent of Caps fans who focus on Ovechkin's strength -- you're still responsible for your actions -- or on an alleged "divot/rut" in the ice -- you're still responsible for your actions -- and pretend that was a shoulder check rather than recognizing the overarching issue: A check from behind at that location (whether contact is made with the neck, head, butt, back, shoulder or ribs) is an absolute no-no -- and there's good reason for that, as Tyler went into.

Not to rant, but it's a pity that the league's discipline mess and the paranoia about treatment of Ovechkin is obscuring the more serious truth. that checking from behind has no place, and the consequence to Brian Campbell is exactly why: It's too dangerous.

Where was I now...? Oh yeah: Enjoy the late game!