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Islanders-Maple Leafs [game thread]

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Toronto Maple Leafs (23-33-12, 29th) at New York Islanders (27-32-9, 28th)
5 p.m. EDT | Nassau Wind-Swept Coliseum | MSG+, radio
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It's a tank-tastic afternoon! Regulation loss, and the Leafs are within three points for 28th. Regulation win, and the Isles are closer to 21st than they are to Leaf-land. Not to get all gallows on you, but other than seeing the kids grow up, that's the sort of context that's on my mind.

If you missed the noon game, the Capitals came back from 3-0 down on the Hawks -- and Alex Ovechkin was ejected for a hit from behind on Brian Campbell. I'm sure a contingent of Caps fans will say it was Sidney Crosby's fault, and Ovechkin was framed or something. But it's pretty simple, really: Don't check from the behind, don't get thrown out.

Note: Rumor has it the addicts from Leafs blog Pension Plan Puppets will be visiting en masse during the second period. So be cool and have fun and all that. If you don't like trading marbles with opposing fans, maybe you sit that part out.

I'll probably be late, in and out (huh huh), here and there. After much inspection, I find my roof isn't going to fix itself.